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    Names that Go with Amy

    I know I have quite a few names on my list already. - I just wanted to know what names people thought would go with Amy-Louise (LuLu). - First & Middle would be good.

    Surname begins with K & ends in Er. - I'm Welsh and he's Irish. - He's not really a fan of most irish name e.g. Aodhan.

    Also posted this for girls.

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    I'm not good at thinking of sibling names, so I'll just take Amy!
    From the girl's name, it seems like you have a more classic style. So:
    Amy and Sebastian K??er
    Amy and Thomas K??er
    Amy and Benjamin K??er
    Amy and Elliott K??er
    Amy and Alex(ander?) K??er Do you like alliteration?)
    Amy and Julian K??er

    Julian and Elliott are the best IMO.
    Julian Alexander
    Julian Edward
    Elliott Nicolas
    Elliott James
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

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    Sebastian, Thomas, Elliott & Julian - I like all of these.
    Benjamin - I like this one but I have a friend called this. I also have a friend who has a son called this.
    Alexander - I do like Alexander but it's more of a middle name to me. - Don't mind A names though.

    Julian Alexander - I do like this I'm just not a fan of the name Jack and initals would be J.A.K.
    Julian Edward & Elliott James - I like these 2 - I like Julian as it has my boyfriends name at the end and Edward & James are the name of his grandad.
    Elliott Nicolas - I like this but i'd spell Nicolas with a H.

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    Amy and Everett K-er
    Amy and Ezra K-er
    Amy and Damien K-er
    Amy and Soren K-er
    Amy and Lance K-er
    Amy and Leif K-er
    Amy and Quentin K-er
    Amy and Isaac K-er
    Amy and Jovan K-er
    Amy and Emrys K-er
    Amy and Forrest K-er
    Amy and Franklin K-er
    Amy and Gregory K-er
    Amy and Gerald K-er
    Amy and Gerard K-er
    Amy and Garrett K-er
    Amy and Graham K-er
    Amy and Grant K-er
    Amy and Rhys K-er
    Amy and Ross K-er
    Amy and Simon K-er
    Amy and Sterling K-er
    Amy and Tobias K-er
    Amy and Heath K-er
    Amy and James K-er
    Amy and Jude K-er
    Amy and Jonah K-er
    Amy and Levi K-er
    Amy and Lucas K-er
    Amy and Malcolm K-er
    Amy and Preston K-er
    Amy and Stanton K-er
    Amy and Wesley K-er
    Amy and Easton K-er
    Amy and Linden K-er
    Amy and Braxton K-er
    Amy and Nevin K-er
    Amy and Nolan K-er
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    Wow that's a long list thank you. - I will run all names past my boyfriend.

    Names I like:-
    Everett - I like this just not sure on it but I will have a think.
    Damien - I do like this name although I like Damian spelling better.
    Quentin - I really like this name I never thought It would go with Amy though .
    Rhys & Lucas- I LOVE THESE NAMES . - There on my original list.
    Heath - I like this one.
    Forrest - I do like this eventhough it's a surname.
    Franklin - I like this one. Never though of that.
    Gregory - I like ths on also.
    James - I like this just conserned about it's popularity. I'd use as a middle though. As it's my boyfriend's grandad's name.
    Levi - I like this one but I know a few so they might think i'm copying them.
    Lucas - I like this one I have it on my original list.
    Wesley - I like this one but I will have a think.
    Linden - I quite like this one.
    Isaac - I like this one.
    Grant - I like this one.
    Ross - I like this one, but i'm not sure on it.
    Garrett - I like this. I will have to Consider it.
    Malcolm - I do like this but I will have a think about it.

    Names I like but can't use:-
    Lance - I like but cant use as a family friends son is called this.
    Nevin - Reminds me of Kevin and I have a cousin called Kevin.
    Simon - Although I do like this I cant use it as it's my ex boyfriends name.
    Sterling - I like this but I will have a think.
    Tobias - I do kinda like this but I had a little boy called Tobie a few years ago and it would remind of him because he was stillborn.

    Names I dislike:-
    Ezra - It seems kind odd to me with Amy.
    Soren - It kinda looks like Seren and that's a girls name :/.
    Leif - I like this be kinda makes me think of Leaf.
    Jovan - this looks kinda odd to me.
    Emrys - Same as above.
    Gerald - It's ok but slightly old for my liking.
    Graham - It's ok but kinda old for my liking.
    Jude - I like this but kinda feels like a NN to me.
    Jonah - It's ok just reminds me of the Jonas brothers.
    Preston - I like this but it's getting kinda popular these days.
    Stanton - Sounds like a surname sorry.
    Easton - I know someone with this surname and I dont like him.
    Braxton - I like this but makes me think of Braxton hicks contractions. - Sorry.
    Nolan - I can't use this as my boyfriend knows someone with this surname and doesnt like him.

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