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Thread: Bay?

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    I've recently fallen in love with the name Bay, but have a few hesitations before adding it to my list-
    is it all boy? or do you like it better on a girl?
    is it too short? if yes, what are some longer names that could lend itself to nickname Bay?

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    Completely unisex! I can see it on either.

    Names on my list: Rosebay (f) & Bayard (m).
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    Bailey could have the nn Bay
    I love the suggestion of Bayard!
    To me, it sounds more boyish.

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    It goes either way for me. I like it a lot for a girl though, like has a simple & old fashioned charm. I like more traditional names on boys.

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    totally unisex, though I do slightly like it better for girls.
    I don't mind Bay on it's own, but I do also like it as a nickname for Elizabeth
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