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    Help With My Top 6!!

    Hi berries!

    My name lists were getting a bit out of control - a top 20 seemed a little bit excessive ha ha - and I am very close to narrowing it down to a top three for each gender. I was hoping that you lovely folk would be able to give me some sort of feedback about my choices.

    My number one girls name has always been Lyra. I love the literary connection, the musical connection being a music major myself, and the fact that it is a constellation as my own name is also the name of a star.
    Possible FN/MN combinations: Lyra Elizabeth Romilly, Lyra Clarity Susanne or Lyra Elizabeth Artemis.

    Thea is my second choice. I actually prefer Alethea, but I don't think that it fits as well with my other names. That being said, I do adore the name Thea.
    Thea Frances Celandine, Thea Hermione Jill and Thea Maple Susanne are all possibilities.

    Arwen is my third name. I alternate between having no problems with this name, to thinking that it is way too tied to LOTR. I do think that it fits really well with my other choices.
    Combos: Arwen Carina Lark, Arwen Kerensa Jill and Arwen Hermione Frances.

    My top boys name is Sorin. I love that its meaning is related to the Sun, and it honours my Romanian heritage.
    Sorin Bodie Taliesin, Sorin Emrys Paul and Sorin David Caspian

    Valo is my second favourite boys name, although I do worry about pronunciation issues.
    Valo James Peregrine, Valo Paladin Bruce And Valo Heming Stevensgaard

    I am undecided on my third boys name. Possibilities include, Ivo, Rohan, Merit, and Orrick.

    Sorry this ended up so long guys. Also, I should add that I am not currently pregnant but we are trying. Any thoughts, comments, criticisms and ideas are welcome!

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