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    How much does popularity matter?

    Hello everyone,

    My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in mid-September. Before we went to our ultrasound, we had a name agreed on that we both have liked for years. Arwen was our original choice. However, after we found out that baby was a little girl, my husband changed his mind. On the car ride home, he looked at me and said he would like to name her Brianna.

    I know that Brianna is a popular name, even if it has been falling in popularity the past few years. He wants to name her Brianna, but says we could call her Bree. His name is Joseph, but nobody ever calls him that, he's always gone by Joey. My name is Aubrey, so it has a bit of my name in it, and that is his reasoning for the name.

    The full name we are looking at is Brianna Rue. My childhood nickname was Roo, and we wanted a variation of it as a part of her name.

    However, I am struggling with the popularity of the name. I always envisioned giving my child a unique name. Growing up I never met another child with my name, and I really enjoyed that. I just don't want our daughter to be one of three Brianna's in her classroom.

    Any opinions? Does popularity matter so much if there is meaning to the name? Any suggestions on alternative names?

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    As an avid Tolkien appreciator, I personally much prefer Arwen over Brianna

    But I don't know, I don't think the popularity of a name you like should stop you from using it. I certainly would toss one of my favourite names away "just" because of popularity. If you both really like Brianna, I think you should go with Brianna. She could always just use Bree if she gets tired of being one Brianna between many.
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    It just depends on it bothers you. I personally dislike the name Brianna. It seems tied to a certain time period so has a trendy feel to me. How about:


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    This is a tough one. I guess if there's a lot of meaning behind it, then it wouldn't matter to me if it was popular or not. Is there any other reason you'd use Brianna, other than she'd partially share a name with you? And I don't mean anything negative by this, but if you want to give her a unique name, why name her something with such a similar sound/nn to your name? Just a thought.

    Personally, I prefer Arwen. I think it's gorgeous.
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    I personally would drop a name if it gets too popular, especially if a name becomes tied to a certain decade and becomes trendy. I also don't really like Brianna; it feels so uninspired to me.
    One name I think might interest you is Bronwyn/Bronwen, a sort of smush of Arwen and Brianna. You can still get the Bree nickname, since it starts with Br, and there's an e in the Bronwen spelling, if that helps at all. It's also uncharted.
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