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    Adelaide, Penelope, or Felicity?

    Afternoon berries! Crushing on these three names lately and want to get some thoughts. Also, I want to make sure these three names go well with her big sisters names, Violet and Eloise, since they seem to share a lot of the same sounds.

    Adelaide (nn Della) - can Addie be avoided for the most part? Think this will get very popular? Too close to Eloise for sisters? I find this sweet and vintage!

    Penelope (nn Nellie) - can penny be avoided for the most part? Sounds ok with Eloise? Adore this one and doesn't seem to be getting as popular as expected.

    Felicity (nn's Liss and Lissy) - I don't mind the nn's...I don't love them either. Adore the full name though and meaning.

    genevieve - recently added! Nn Nev/Nevi or Vivi

    Possibly would go with mn Pearl but not sure as it seems to be getting popular as a mn. Definitely some sort of nature inspired middle though. Oh & not pregnant again, just having some fun with names for the future. Thanks!
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