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    Nicknames for twins? Delilah and Eloise

    I got some great advice on a previous name thread and am back with another question

    I think my first choice of names for our twin girls (coming next week!) is Delilah and Eloise. BUT I like the nickname Lilah and feel most of the Eloise nicknames like Lola and Lulu sound too matchy (and Ella/Ellie is very popular).

    My other favourites are Delilah and Cordelia (Lilah and Cora) and Juliet and Eloise (though I struggle finding nicknames I like for Juliet). I've always gone by a nickname, so it's a big consideration for me.

    All opinions and suggestions gratefully received

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    I think my favorites are Delilah and Cordelia with Lilah and Cora as the nicknames. Since you will be calling them by their nicknames, I think its important that you really love the nicknames and the full names, not just the full names.

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    I also like Lilah & Cora for Delilah and Cordelia, however the names have a lot of similarity. Delia could be a nickname for either. Coraline nn Cora is another option.

    Other thoughts:

    Delilah & Clementine (Cleo?)
    Delilah & Penelope (Penny, Poppy, Nell?)
    Eloise & Matilda (Mattie/Tillie/Tilda?)
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    Possible alternative nicknames:

    Delilah - Della. I think Della is very sweet, and Della and Lulu, for example, are a lot less matchy.
    Juliet - Etta, Ettie, Jewel, Jules, Julie, Lettie. I don't know which ones you've already thought of, but those are some options. I think Lettie and Lilah are nice together if you don't mind the repeating first initials.

    Good luck!

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    Delilah and Cordelia are too matchy in my opinion. They contain 5 of the same letters in a very similar order.

    What about Eloise and Cordelia? Juliet and Delilah?

    As for Juliet nicknames, my dd is a Juliet, and gets Juju, Lettie and Letta, Lulu.

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