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    Question How much is popularity a factor?

    Hey all,

    So I know this is a topic that's been discussed already on Nameberry quite a bit - but I've really come to enjoy and value the opinions of my fellow 'Berries so I wanted to post again anyway. I don't remember what the previous consensus was anyway!

    Also, this is a big issue for me currently as one of my very favorite names, for my current baby-on-the-way, is pretty darn popular. So hubby and I are discussing this question quite a bit right now! Anyway, so for all of you, how much is the popularity of a name a factor in whether or not you'll actually use it? I know we're all "name nerds" and we all prefer something unique... but what if you fall in love with a name that's in the Top 10? Add in one more factor - what if that name also works as a name you can use to name your baby after her grandmother's? So it also has special meaning to you. Would you absolutely not even consider it?

    I was born in '79 and my name was in the top 10 back then. I was always "my first name + the first letter of my last name" in every class because there were 2-3 of us. But it didn't really bother me, it was just the way it was.

    Anyway, so I want to hear your thoughts! My 12 week ultrasound is now 2 days away (it's this coming Wednesday morning, 5/29) and I am absolutely scared to death and trying to distract myself with happy thoughts. So have at it! <<hugs>>

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    I like fairly unusual names, but big popularity no-no is classic names like Elizabeth, Mary, Linda, Jessica...
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    I really don't understand why a popularity no-no would be a classic one? I think, if you're going to go for a popular name, I'd go for one that stands the test of time, rather than one that will sound dated and awful in a couple years (imo, Jessica and Linda aren't classic, though...).

    Personally, I have no qualms whatsoever using a popular name. I was born with a number 2 name, and it went to number 1 the year my sister was born 4 years later. So what? I didn't even go to school with another Ashley until my junior year of school. Besides, naming has become much more diverse--the average is that there will be no more than one Sophia per class, if that. Popularity doesn't affect me. If I like a name, I'll use it. Just because 20,000 other parents used the name (in this year alone) doesn't lessen the significance or importance of my Olivia, or Jack, or Caleb, or Isabelle, or Hannah, or whatever.

    However, when I fall in love with a name that I think is unpopular, then I am less hesitant to use it as it gains popularity. I mean, I fell in love with it when I thought it was rare, and so now that it's not, it just doesn't seem special enough for my child. Eliza used to be one of my favorites, but it just keeps growing in popularity and just isn't special anymore. If Emmeline/Emmaline ever makes it big, it'll probably drop off my list, as well. The same thing happened with Noah--I was fine when it was around the 20 mark, but once it reached top 10, I just can't get behind it anymore. Especially if it's being poised to take Jacob's spot for number one, which wouldn't really surprise me.

    But sure, I would have used Isabella when it was number one. I loved it that much. I think Berries put a lot of stock into using a rare name, but you miss out on a lot of lovely gems by ruling out all those names.
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    I think that most of the top 10 names are really classic choices right now. Names like that are always a classy choice with history, in this case even family history. I think that popularity is a personal thing. The timelessness of names like Anna, Elizabeth, ect makes popularity not much of a concern for me. Popular as they get I can still imagine them on a girl in 1920 or 1950 or 1990...Madison or Aubrey feel more popular than classic. Right now classic is trendy so trendy is ok by me.

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    Thanks for the feedback! @ashthedreamer, what you said really resonated with me. It's pretty much exactly how my hubby feels about it - we found a name we love, it has personal meaning for us, he doesn't understand why it being popular makes me hesitate. And you're both right, it's a silly reason! Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts!

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