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    Question How much is popularity a factor?

    Hey all,

    So I know this is a topic that's been discussed already on Nameberry quite a bit - but I've really come to enjoy and value the opinions of my fellow 'Berries so I wanted to post again anyway. I don't remember what the previous consensus was anyway!

    Also, this is a big issue for me currently as one of my very favorite names, for my current baby-on-the-way, is pretty darn popular. So hubby and I are discussing this question quite a bit right now! Anyway, so for all of you, how much is the popularity of a name a factor in whether or not you'll actually use it? I know we're all "name nerds" and we all prefer something unique... but what if you fall in love with a name that's in the Top 10? Add in one more factor - what if that name also works as a name you can use to name your baby after her grandmother's? So it also has special meaning to you. Would you absolutely not even consider it?

    I was born in '79 and my name was in the top 10 back then. I was always "my first name + the first letter of my last name" in every class because there were 2-3 of us. But it didn't really bother me, it was just the way it was.

    Anyway, so I want to hear your thoughts! My 12 week ultrasound is now 2 days away (it's this coming Wednesday morning, 5/29) and I am absolutely scared to death and trying to distract myself with happy thoughts. So have at it! <<hugs>>

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