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    I would probably have 10 children if my husband (and my health) would allow it! Instead I think baby number 3 will be our last. I have chosen each name based on what feels right for the baby as well as what we both equally love. I do hope one day in the distant future we will be able to adopt a special needs child, I have wanted to since I was a child, and that maybe I will get to give another child a name then
    The 3 Princesses in my life...

    Elizabeth Hope
    Annabelle Cadence
    Madeleine Pearl

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    I have like twenty names in mind. But I only want two to four kids.

    I'd have a lot more in mind if it weren't for family members. I love the name John, but there's a Jon in the family already. It would be too confusing. I also like Michael, but there's a Mike in the family. I also love Abbie and Lynsey, but there are babies named Abbie and Lynsey in the family as well! My husband has such a huge family, but I love em.

    I do plan to use Katie Elizabeth, even though there's a Katie in the family. I've loved the name Katie since I was a little girl, and I won't let anything stop me from using it. (I actually really like the Katie in our family, anyway.) I'm planning on calling her by her first and middle name around family so it's not too confusing. I'm friends with a Mary Elizabeth, and I love the sound of her name. So it's kind of a combination of the two.

    My absolute musts:

    Katie Elizabeth
    Kylie Jade
    Brandon Adam

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    Realistically, two, maybe three. If possible, six.

    I would like to adopt as many possible, yet only have one or two myself.

    I thought I had my names together, but after making a new list, I found some that I may like more. Only thing that stays consistent, is my name adoration for Caspian. Yet I really don't have any middle names yet. Go Figure!

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    I have narrowed my girl names to a top four that I MUST use and have shoved them together to make two combos for two girls. I am DETERMINED to use all my favorite girl names. As for boys? I don't have too many that I HAVE to use.

    The most amount of children I can see myself having is four.

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    I wouldn't want more than two, but I'm fine with only using a few of my top names. The ones on top are there for a reason. But I can see why it'd be sad to never use some of the combos you've put so much thought into.

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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