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    I think Townsend is just a little bit too much of a surname for my taste (although I LOVE Townes) I really love Jonas and Clive! Clive Townsend would be really nice and he could still be Townes!
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    For variations that still honor:


    You could always play with the letters to give it a newer look and make it not stand out as a surname.
    Good luck and congratulations!

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    I think Townsend would be best left as a middle name. Frederick Townsend would be an amazing choice.
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    I'm not loving Townsend or Townes, it just doesn't have the right rhythm for a first name. But in your position I'd absolutely use it in the middle. Edmund Townsend is a lot of -nd, but i kind of like it anyway. Jonah Townsend also sounds good to me.

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    Well I can see it both ways, since my last name is indeed Townsend. My husband's 3 brothers are in the military and where my husband works, all of them are called by their last name. So it is usable. If it helps here are some of their names and mine that might spark some ideas. Steven, Logan, Lee, Chase, Zachary, Kael, Jeremy, Gabriel, and Robert.
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