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    November as a first name? NN Ember...

    Baby is due in November. We are trying to have a boy and girl name ready... will find out soon.

    I have been all over the place trying to decide on a girl name. I think we have a boy's name (either Caius Marcel--my favorite right now, or Marcellus Job).

    Girls are so hard! I thought we had, then we're both re-considering. We both liked the idea of a name meaning "thanksgiving" or thankful, but after scouring the internet for options, we're not impressed. So, then I was looking at NB's article on "fall names" and saw November--NN Ember. I love it!

    What do you think of November Carys Anderson? Or, the other way around? DH is even considering it.

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    renrose Guest
    I'd do Carys November Anderson. I really don't like November as a name.

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    I like it, but then again December nn Cember has been on my guilty pleasure list forever! I don't think I would be brave enough to use it as a first name, so I like the other suggestion of using it as a middle! You can still call her Ember Or... just name her Ember!

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    November's too out there for me, but it's perfect for a braver person! I also think it would be nice with nn Nova.

    Some names with connections to November:
    Jora (means "autumn rain"- how pretty is that?!)

    Good luck!
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    I love it!
    I think is so cute and the nn Ember or Nova is adorable!
    But then I love all names ended in -ember and my favorite is December!
    November Carys Anderson is lovely!

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