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    Need help with a character name?

    I have this idea for a story that I really want to get started on, except for one little problem: I don't have a name for my protagonist.

    The story is about this girl who gets abducted by a powerful ruler, probably a dictator-type figure whom everybody is terrified. And I have absolutely no idea what to call her. The worst part is that for some reason, I just can't start writing without that name fixed firmly in my head.

    The story is set in a world similar to america (cars, typical schools, cameras and videocameras, but no ipads or touchscreen cellphones and stuff).
    At first she was Arielle. Then Waverly. Then Ariadne. Then Lark. Then September...
    I don't really care if the name actually was popular in the time frame, since this is sort of an alternate universe and everybody will probably have unusual names.

    The protagonist is sort of a friendly, cheerful person who believes in living life at it's fullest. She's not a particularly athletic person, but a voracious reader. She has a good sense of humor. She's friendly with several people, but only has a few close friends. She can be stubborn at times, and she does what makes her happy regardless of whether she's actually good at it or of what other people think. She's trustworthy, and trusting, maybe even a bit naive. She's also rather clumsy. She can be very curious, to the point of nosy, but it's usually with a good intention. Usually. She can carry a grudge for a very long time. She doesn't really care that much how she looks ("If I'm gonna worry about my weight, I'll do it when I'm 20,"). She's more or less an average student, shines in languages and social studies, but finds more difficulty in math and science. She has longish, straight brown hair and brown eyes, and is of average height and weight.
    That's pretty much all I know about her right now. Any ideas?
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    Hello, fellow 14-year-old, name obsessed writer!
    Here's a few of my suggestions-


    And, I love the name Lark. You ought to use it...

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    I think you should use Arielle, as it sounds interesting. If not Arielle, try Crystal.

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    Seeing as you went with Ariadne and Arielle, I suggest Adrienne.

    Other suggestions:

    Rosella nn Ella
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