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    Four Diverse Name Options--- Your Thoughts?

    What are your thoughts on these four names?
    Aurelio, Enoch, Soren, Oisin

    My wife and I spent some time looking at our longish-list of potential names trying to figure out if there were any names that could have the same (or very similar pronunciations) in Chinese, and these four fit the bill. But I do have some concerns about these names.

    1) Aurelio- Two major concerns with this name:
    A- Our first son is named Rayhan (ray-hahn) and Aurelio has the 'ray' sound in it as well. Does this make these two names not sound so good together? Or are they different enough names where it would work?
    (Note: In Chinese, it is common to have siblings share the first character of the given name (my wife and her sister both share the same first character in their given names), so if we used this name, his Chinese name would start with the same 'rui/ray' character as our first son. His Chinese name would sound like 'Ray Leo' (our first sons Chinese name sounds like 'Ray Hahn'). Likely his Chinese NN would sound like 'Leo' or perhaps 'Ah Leo' (common to add an 'ah' sound together with the last character of the name), and Leo would likely also be his 'English' NN)
    B- Our last name sounds like 'lucky'. Would the 'L' sounds in Aurelio and in Lucky sound strange next to each other (Aurelio Lucky)? There'd be a middle name in there, of course, to split the names up (either Edward or Brandt).

    2) Enoch- This wouldn't usually be one of my top choices, but there is a really nice Chinese name that sounds quite similar to it that we like quite a lot, and there is an Enoch that we would love to be able to honor. My major concern with this name is that both Enoch and our last name, Lucky, have the same 'ck' sound and the same 'ee' sound. Do these shared sounds make these names not work together well? Or is there a balance between how the syllables of the two names go together that make it work (Enoch Lucky)?

    3) Soren- Another one in which we found a really nice Chinese name that sounds very similar to it. My main concern with it is that it's Scandinavian rooted meaning (all name sites I've found agree that it's meaning is "stern") is not very appealing to me, and name meaning is definitely important to me. However, it does also have roots in Avestan (an ancient pre-Persian language), and there is some evidence that it has a nice meaning (possibly 'heroic one' or 'strong'), but I'm not certain about this.Can you convince me to love this name and not be overly concerned about the meaning?

    4) Oisin (pronounced 'osh-een')- Another one in which we found a nice Chinese name to go along with it. But it's meaning ('little deer') means very little to me. I do appreciate the Irish legend of Oisin (especially his being a poet, as poetry writing runs deeply through my blood), but all in all his mythological character doesn't mean much to me. Can you convince me to love this name?

    If you've read through this whole long post, good job! Any thoughts/reflections/comments/etc are greatly appreciated!

    P.S. If you've been following our naming journey, don't fret, our top 4 (Emrys, Jasper, Evander, Amias) still remain very likely options. We just might not be able to match up a Chinese name to them (at least not directly, maybe we can figure out a subtle connection to the Chinese name we'd end up going with) if we end up going with one of them. This isn't a deal-breaker, as it's not something we have to do, just something we'd like to do if possible.

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    Of these four, I like Soren. I like how it pairs with Rayhan, how it pairs with your last name, and how it sounds in general. Regarding the meaning, I feel your pain. I think in your case (I have a similar future situation) finding a name that works in two languages becomes more important than the meaning. As someone who grew up with a name that has an "eh" meaning, and a slightly disturbing biblical story, I can tell you that more than likely, your son will get over the meaning. Don't get me wrong, meaning is important to me and if I can find one that works really well, I'll use it, but it's become a secondary concern, if that makes sense. "Stern" isn't necessarily a bad thing... you could interpret that as strong or firm as well.

    I still love Emrys for you, but if Soren works with a Chinese name as well, that would be my choice.

    Good luck!
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    Aurelio is my favourite for you. It fits in well with the other romantic names you like, the nicknames are adorable, I like that his Chinese name will follow the tradition of same first sign, and I think it goes nicely with you surname. Also, isn't the pronounciation aw-REE-lee-o?

    Oisin would be my second. I love the story of Tír na nÓg, it's so romantic and tragic, of course. I love the meaning little deer too. But I'm not sure I can convince you. Have you read the whole story? Or just a summery kind of thing?

    Enoch, I'm sorry, but all I see is eunuch. Cannot help you with this one.

    Soren... I get that this might seem nice but I hear it with a heavy Danish accent, and it's not that cute anymore. There is the philosopher Søren Kirkegaard though, he's written some amazing stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Also, isn't the pronounciation aw-REE-lee-o? There we go 'oww-ray-lee-oh' is how she's saying it, even without the accent.

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    My favorite is Soren, because I do like Kierkegaard, but you could swap a vowel and do Sorin instead. This is a Romanian name meaning "of the sun" and has a nice sunrise/dawn/light connection like you were looking for. I don't think that would be any less related to the Chinese name?
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