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    Help with baby boy names to go with siblings Tyler & Easton!

    My husband and i are expecting another
    baby boy in a couple weeks & we couldn't
    be not excited! We already have a 5 year
    old adopted son Tyler Jameson & 18
    month old son Easton Alexander so we're
    trying to find names that flow well with
    those ones..

    My husband and i like vintage, unique &
    biblical but we really don't like super trendy
    names like Cayden or Bentley.. We're trying to come up with a different/unique first name and traditional middle name. The top two names Gideon Scott(my fav) & Declan Rhys(my hubby's favorite).

    We can't really agree on anything else, soo please help us come up with so baby boy names that would make a great sibling set with Tyler & Easton!

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