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    Does Cassius have to be Cash?

    I love Cassius. My husband really loves Cassius. I strongly dislike me it's like Bentley, Diamond, ect...just too flashy for my tastes. Is their any other nickname or shortened version you Berries can think of? Or should we give it up & move on?

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    How about Cas?
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    I can only think of Cass... However, I also like Cassius as a full name. Does it really need a nn?
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    In my family some kind of shortened version is unavoidable! I would only use a name if there's some shortened version that I can tolerate. My mom would find a way to shorten Lee...

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    Cass would be nice. What about Ash?
    What would the middle name be? May also be some NN options when connecting the FN/MN together.
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