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    My daughter's name is Scarlett and we call her Pixie..she just reminded us of one. I dont think you need a name that sounds or reminds you of Pixie to use it as a nn.
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    Sorry, I think it is awful.

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    My daughter is Serendipity. We loved it then we love it now. We call her Seren. But I have to say we call her both. There's one thing to be aware of when using this name (we found out the hard way) if you have another daughter you have to be prepared with an equally excellent name. You can't just call daughter #2 Jane.
    Oh and my daughter loves her name.

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    I am convinced that no one likes the name Serendipity except me. I used to love Seraphina, but I am afraid it is getting too popular.

    What do you think of Serendipity nn Pixie?

    Any other suggestions that are similar or would be good as a FN for Pixie (just love this right now)

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    My DD is named Johanna and was called Pixie all through school by her friends. Funny little nickname that for some reason suited her to a T, though there were some people who wondered what kind of parent named their child Pixie.

    IMO, nicknames don't need to "fit" the name, only the child.

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    I love love Serendipity... and Pixie too as a nick name or first name.
    Seraphina is a beautiful name too!!

    You have some great taste!!
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