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    My Aunt who I was very close to was named Michelle. She passed away several years ago. My second daughter Lucy is loosely named after her, because her middle name was Louise. Now that I'm expecting again I've been reconsidering Michelle. Does it sound too dated? Would it be too out of place with daughters Ruby & Lucy? What do you think of the name Michelle?

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    Michelle is my middle name. I was born in 1986. I feel like it's pretty tied to that 80s-90s period....even more if you use the Shelly nn.

    Personally, I don't love it or hate it. I'm glad it's not my first name...prefer having a first name that, while dated to an earlier period, wasn't common in my time period. But that's probably what Michelle will be like now?

    Do you like any variations? Or would you be happy mostly using a nn? You could go with Mischa, Elle, Ella, Mica, Mimi, Miley...some of which feel like a stretch...but Elle or Ella might fit well with Ruby & Lucy. Or Mimi, but I personally find that annoying.

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    It sounds a bit out of place with Ruby and Lucy.

    I was born in the 80's so I grew up with a lot of Michelles. It is dated but it's not that bad. It's still a good name and can work today if paired with the right name.

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    I think you should go with Ella, or something with -elle in it like Brielle, Adele, or even Belle.

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    I think the idea of naming her after your aunt is just lovely. But I do have to echo the pp's statements that Michelle is a bit dated. It strikes me as very 80's. But I'll admit I have another confounding factor - someone in my family is named Michelle (she's in her 40's) and we can't stand each other. So that doesn't help! But there are so many more modern, beautiful variations of it, like the ones mentioned above, why not go that route?

    Also, another idea: hubby and I want to name our first child after our mom's (if it's a girl, of course) but both of their names are very old and very foreign and don't work at all. So we're going to take the letters from both names and move them around and come up with a modern name for our daughter - so she'll be named after her grandmother's but in a modern way! There are lots of creative ways to honor people, Nameberry is the perfect resource for the ideas! Good luck!

    ETA: Some quick "scrambles" of Michelle off the top of my head gave me: Emilee, Emilie, Lee, Elle
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