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    First name that fits with middle Deborah

    Trying to come up with name options to honor MIL whose first name is Deborah. I like the idea of using it as a middle, as she is too close to use it for a first. (I call her by her name, so calling the baby Deborah too would get confusing!)

    The problem is, Deborah seems tricky as a middle.
    Here are the only combos that have sounded remotely okay to me:

    Naomi Deborah
    Elise Deborah
    Margo Deborah
    Ingrid Deborah

    BTW, we have a 3 syllable V name, which makes most names a bit of a mouthful.
    Also, we pronounce Deborah as the 2-syllable "deh-bra".

    Thoughts on the above options? Any other ideas with similar names that flow better with Deborah?

    OR, should I scratch Deborah altogether and use her middle, Ann, which is much more workable!? In that vein, I love Anneliese: Germanic, lovely, and a combo of Ann and Elise (a dear friend's mn). (Downside: DH is not a great speller and might get thrown off by all those vowels!?)

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    You're right - it is kind of hard. I like Camille Deborah. Its a shame you can't use it as a first name. I really love the name and it isn't used much these days. What about naming her Deborah Elise and calling her DeeDee?

    I love Anneliese too. Ingrid Anneliese is very pretty!

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    Maybe if you gave little Deborah a nickname, that'd be better. I'd die to meet a little Debby! Such a gorgeous name.

    Laurel Deborah
    Rachel Deborah
    Summer Deborah
    Claire Deborah
    Alice Deborah
    Molly Deborah
    Ivy Deborah (this is my favorite!)
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I like Camille, especially for the nn Millie.

    What about Anneliese Deborah? I just realized the rhythm of it actually sounds better than some of my other ideas. (3-2-3 with our last name)

    I like Ingrid Anneliese, too, but I'm thinking the DH won't go for it. He's not sold on Ingrid or Inge like I am.

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