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Thread: Jack vs. James

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    Jack is my choice. I don't think it's just a nn. I think it's a good little boys name that can turn into a strong mans name. And I think it goes with your sibset much better then James.

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    I love James and it is a classic name, strong and proud. Jack on the other hand is a nn. Sorry to say, but it also has too many teasing opportunities that come along with it. Hit the nimble......& the beanstalk......sprat......sat in the corner......went up the hill.....Rabbit..... as well as som "others" that aren't as nice......and on and on.....

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    Another vote for James. It's my toddler's name. We call him by his full name or Jay.

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    Wow thanks for all the feedback! I am honestly surprised at all the votes for James. I thought it would be more even than that
    I am still kind of torn between which one I like better although this thread has helped me see James in a more positive light.
    I think it's interesting that if you look at the name charts for the US, there are more babies named James than Jack. But I feel like I hear the name Jack so much more often and meet little ones named Jack way more frequently than James. Jack feels more trendy and of the moment than James but statistically more babies are given the name James. Doesn't make much sense. Maybe because there is also the name Jackson to combine with all the Jacks?
    A week ago I was barely even considering James but then for some reason I started thinking more about it as a serious contender. I know my husband would be happy to name him James. I do not like the nickname possibilities of Jim, Jimmy or Jamie at all which is one negative of the name for me. But as long as my husband agreed not to call him any of those nicknames, I would probably be ok with it.
    Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it!

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    Sophie, Violet, and James make a lot of sense; they're all very classic names that compliment each other well.

    But I've always preferred Jack over James. Sophie, Violet, and Jack don't sound too bad together either.

    And every James I know (except for my much older uncle) just go by James. You could call him Jay, I suppose. Do you think Jack could be a nickname for James? Eh, maybe not. I see no problem with just James.
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