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Thread: Jack vs. James

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    They are both strong, short, masculine and very common. But my favourite by far is James, I think it has more history and has a nicer sound than Jack, I also think James would go lovely with sisters Sophie and Violet. James can always be spruced up with a long interesting middle name
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    I love both names! But with Sophie and Violet, I choose the classic James.
    Or how about James Patrick, nn Jack?
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    Another one here for James! Classy and classic. I think Jack is cute but its trendy now. I picture Jack on little ones and old men, i don't know any in between. My brother is a James, always went by Jamie growing up, i didn't even realize his name was James and took me a while to adapt to it when he started going by James in the professional world. Very versatile name in terms of using full or nn.
    Now I adore this name and will be using it on my own child one day hopefully!

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    James has always been one of my favorite boys names! I think it goes very well with Sophie and Violet.

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    I much prefer Jack personally--I love its laid-back feel and how Jack could really be anybody. That being said, I like James much more with Sophie and Violet. It has a more classy, posh sort of feel to it (in a good way!) that goes really well with Sophie and Violet. It's a bit more button-up.

    Although, Jack has been used with some regularity as a nn for James--maybe you could opt for James nn Jack? That way he'd keep both his favorites, but I don't know if that interests either of you...
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