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Thread: Jack vs. James

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    Jack vs. James

    What are your thoughts and opinions on these two names? If you had to choose between the two for your child, which would you choose and why? Which one do you prefer in a sibset with older sisters named Sophie and Violet?

    Those are my husband's two top choices for our third baby and I am debating which one to go with if he won't give in to any of my top names. He has final say on this baby's name since I had final say with our last daughter's name.

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    I much prefer James! Such a solid, classic name, with cute nn potential: Jaime, Jim, Jimmy. I also think it makes a nice sibset with Sophie and Violet.

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    Goodness, I love both! I think it depends on the feel you are going for. Though I consider both names I classic, James feels more classicly classic(hope that makes sense). Jack has a more fun loving carefree feel to it. I think I prefer James with your daughters' names.

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    Jack is trendy, as it's a nn... not a full name (Sam, Harry, Liam... they're all nns). James is a classic, masculine name with a formal and nn forms. I much prefer James...
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    James, without question. Jack, the word, has negative connotations, and I also feel like it sounds harsher than James. James is lovely and classic.

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