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    Still deciding!! What do you think of Elletta? Ellia?

    Hi! I'm delivering on Wednesday and still haven't decided!! I would really like a soft, pretty, feminine vowel name to go with sister name Aubree. I'm leaning towards an 'E' name. I would love the nickname of Ellia. Or do you think Ellia can stand alone as a first name? Also considering Eliana or Elianna. I also just came across Elletta. What do you think?? At one point our list included Elise, Eloise, Adeline, Adelyn, Adele. Help! Thanks!

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    Love all of your choices, but I have a soft spot for Eliana!

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    I really like Eliana. Elletta sounds rather unattractive to me. I prefer Elettra.

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    With Aubree, I like Elise or Eliana the best. The other A names could be confusing and Ellette sounds made up to me. Some other possibilities: Ella, Elsa, Elsie, Elsbeth, Elena, Ellen, Lenore, Leonie, Leona, Liana.

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    I like Eliana a lot. Etta is also quite nice, although I don't like Elletta very much...
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