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    Sister of a stillborn daughter?

    Last October, we lost our baby Lucia around 5 months into the pregnancy. We are now expecting another girl. Coincidentally (or not), this one is due on December 13, which is Lucy’s name day. In Scandinavian countries, the date is celebrated with a special prayer service and a little girl wearing a crown of candles (Lucia means light and the saint is remembered on one of the darkest days of the year).

    We considered, but rejected, the idea of reusing the name. We cherish our first little girl and don’t want to confuse her memory by having two Lucy’s in the family. However, another perfect name has been elusive to find.

    We are looking for a classic (old) name that is fresh for today, resonant, distinctly feminine. The middle name will be Jean or Jane, after her grandfather (John) whose birthday is also December 13. Here is our list – please feel free to tell us what you think:

    Lilian – we like the adaptability of the name that can range from cute Lily, to lacy Liliana, to sensible Lilian. We haven’t yet fallen in love.
    Cecilia (Cece) – also a saint (patron of music!), beautiful phonetics, but it means blind.
    Blythe - Longtime favorite from song in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing, but I think there aren’t enough syllables (Blythe Jean?)
    Marian - After all, it is a Christmas child, and Robin Hood's Lady Marian is a favorite romantic heroine.
    Margaret - Obvious choice as it is the name of both of my grandmothers, but there is a shortage of obvious nicknames (i.e. not Molly or Masie) besides Greta (ick) or Marge.
    Helena - Lena seemed an awesome nickname until we moved to Germany where Lena has been over-used for several years running.
    Meria - Another Mary - with a Meri nickname. The alternate meanings of Mary as “wished-for child” and “beloved” would fit because we have long yearned for a baby girl.

    Also, I love Lucy in C.S. LewisNarnia Chronicles. I considered naming this baby a form of Susan (her sister in the stories) until I remembered that Susan ends up sour and unfriendly by the end of the series.

    We already have two sons, Finnian "Finn" Robert (Robert after his father) and NathanielNate the Great” Dietrich (after Dietrich Bonhoeffer), to give you a sense of our naming style. Your input would be much appreciated. Naming a girl feels like picking out a dress that she will have to wear for her entire life!

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    What about using it as a middle name? Love the idea of Blythe Lucia Jean or Blythe Lucy Jean. Blythe and then Helena are my choices.
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    I've recently discovered how well Felicity Jane sounds, and I think that would go with your style. It's traditional/old, yet underused, and feminine. However, it is the same initial as Finnian (which I love, by the way!), so that might get annoying when labelling water bottles or something.
    Cecilia is interesting, considering Lucy means light. So it's sort of complimentary. And Cecilia Jane/Jean sounds lovely!
    Margaret could be Margaret, Meg, Peggy, Margo, Marga, Meggy, or Peg to name a few.
    Also, I don't think using Lucy would be like reusing Lucia. My mom had an older sister who died in infancy named Janice. My mom ended up being Janet. Similiar, but not the same.
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    Margaret can be called "Maggie" as well; Margaret means "Pearl", which is of course an old-fashion option for you as well.
    If you want additional syllables, how about Blytha...?

    Marcia is another name you might like, prn Mar-sha or Mar-see-ia.

    If you're looking at Christmas names:
    ~Natalie/Natalia (nn Talia) might be something worth considering. It literally means Christmas child and the shortened Talia (or Thalia) means "gentle dew from Heaven."
    ~Clarice is another name that reminds me of Christmas. It also mean bright or clear and was the name of Rudolph's girlfriend... she was a faithful friend Claire/Clara has the same meaning. Clarice Lucia Jane is very beautiful!
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    I really like Blythe & Marion..
    Marion Jeanne or Marion Jean flows a bit better than Blythe Jean and you would avoid the (avoided by many) BJ initial thing.
    I like Cecilia, but it sounds like name meaning is important to you so maybe that's out. I would do something like
    Marion Luca Jeanne
    Cecilia Johanna Bright
    Blythe Luciana Jonquil

    3 middles aren't for everyone, but we did it because like you we had two people we really wanted to honor. Personally, I don't feel locked into using a 3rd for any other children I might be naming in the future.

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