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  • Rafferty

    8 22.86%
  • Rainier

    3 8.57%
  • Raphael

    11 31.43%
  • Raymond

    2 5.71%
  • Roscoe

    5 14.29%
  • Rudolph

    0 0%
  • Rune

    1 2.86%
  • Rupert

    5 14.29%
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    Favorite R Name: Poll

    I've really been loving the letter R for little lads. I've already noticed that I love S: Sebastian, Soren, Sirius,...etc.

    I want to bring it down to one R name.

    These are the ones I adore:

    Rafferty (floodtide, abundance, prosperity)
    Rainier (wise army)
    Raphael (God has healed)
    Raymond (wise protector)
    Roscoe (deer forest)
    Rudolph (famous wolf)
    Rune (secret)
    Rupert (bright fame)

    Put these names in order from your favorite to least and your opinion over each name.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Rafferty is my fav, followed by Rupert

    Rafferty - classy, but do not like nn raffy
    Rainier - i love this one, I like names that are nice in both french or english like this one
    Raphael - growing on me the more i read it, i have a hard time getting past the ninja turtles though
    Raymond - the tv show
    Roscoe - have two friends with cats named roscoe for me, this just sounds like a pet name
    Rudolph - love it, and know an older man named Rudolph who wears it so well, but i can't imagine this on a kid and not getting teased with the xmas song
    Rune - nms
    Rupert - cute, kinda wimpy but i love how it sounds and reminds me of the rupert bear series.
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    Rainier - on my very own list for possible future son. It's linked to my beloved late grandfather, my favourite poet and a mountain I've never seen, but looks very beautiful from what I've seen. And it's an extremely beautiful name.
    Rupert - fun and sexy. Heavily influenced by dashing Rupert from Jilly Cooper's Riders. So sexy...
    Rafferty - so fun and cool.
    Roscoe - Midlake's song Roscoe
    Rune - a bit of a dad name to me, but nice enough.
    Rudolph - the reindeer, but it's a fine name.
    Raphael - pretty, very angel-like.
    Raymond - Everybody loves... Raymond.

    No Roland, Reginald or Robin?
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    It was a close call between Rafferty and Raphael, but I went with Rafferty.
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    @drhenry: Thanks for the comment and vote.

    @ottilie: Odd enough that you mention those names! As a child, I adored them. Due to bad relationships with a Roland, Reginald and a girl named Robin, those names have become "those who must not be named." I've been told that Rainier is "too German". I don't even know what that means, but I'm drawn to Rainier more and more these days. How would you pronounce Rainier? I've never in all my days thought that Rupert was sexy. I've been told that it's Roberts British brother and rather nerdy. It's nice to see the different perspective. Roscoe by Midlake is rather a nice song. Even mentions changing his name to Roscoe. The first evidence of a name fanatic! I don't know what to make of Roscoe. It seems I love the meaning and the feeling draws me. Rune is so curious to me, again I don't know what to make of it. I don't know if Rudolph and the reindeer is a negative connection. My childhood friend went by Rudy and the name has been dear since. Raphael may be too angel-like for me. Raymond is the name of a dear man to me and a connection I'd like to hold. I know that everybody loves raymond but is that a bad thing. Thanks for your comment.

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