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    Repopulating my name list - suggestions?

    I've recently fallen in the love with the name Calvin, which may or may not have something to do with my rereading of the Time Quintet. The problem is that Calvin goes with nothing on my original list, and over the past week or two I've tossed aside the entire list in hopes of finding some viable sibling names. Nothing works. Nothing feels right. They're all either too old-fashioned or too modern or just don't sound like siblings.
    So what I'm asking is this: can you think of any names that go with Calvin? Middle names, sibling names, anything. Seriously. Any answer would be of tremendous help.

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    My suggestion would be look back at the social security data for when that name was at its peak and check out the other names around it. You can also work backward from nick names. Do you like Cal as a nn? Other similar nns would be Ned, Sam, Ted, Bo, etc. I think there's a list or blog post about vintage nick names that might give you some ideas for full name options.
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    I've also come to appreciate the somewhat old-fashioned, somewhat quirky, (somewhat Kevin-y) Calvin.

    Names that might just go with Calvin are...

    Alden, Xavier, Miles, Dean, Lawrence, Zander, Byron, Oscar, Everett, Malcolm

    Roxanne, Vera, Martha, Cora, Audrey, Ada, Celia, Alice, Celeste

    Another (very different) Cal name I quite like is Callum.

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    Calvin is very vintage to me. These would be my suggestions, that I think would all work today in the modern world:

    G: Violet, Alice, Clara, Amelia, Lillian/Liliana, Phoebe, Rose/Rosa, Arianne, Florence, Eva/Evelyn, Eleanor, Hazel, Genevieve, Iris, Willa, Lena, Natalie, Nora, Penelope
    B: Finley, Henry, Jonah, Julian, Maxwell, Arthur, Elijah, Micah, Edward, Samuel, Lucas, Benjamin/Bennett, Elliot, Leo, Oscar, Rafferty, Dorian, Thomas, Otto

    My top choices would be:
    Calvin & Alice
    Calvin & Eleanor
    Calvin & Hazel

    Calvin & Micah
    Calvin & Edward
    Calvin & Oscar

    Sorry for any repeats!

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