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    what about these names?

    I have posted before and we originally decided on Lydia Katherine Adel Cotton. We wanted to call her Adalia/Adaliah... pronounced like Ad a lie a. Most nameberies gave thumbs down as they felt Adalia/Adaliah should be somewhere in the name if we were going to call her by that name. We want to use Lydia(family name) in the name but call her Adalia. So both of those names need to be in there.
    We have been told that a name in the middle of those two names would sound better. You are free to give suggestions and tell us how you feel about these names....
    Lydia Katherine Adalia Cotton

    Lydia Jane Adalia Cotton

    Lydia Frances Adalia Cotton

    Adelia Lydia Jane Cotton

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    I would separate Adalia and Lydia since they have an identical rhythm. I like the short Jane in the middle as otherwise the whole name risks being too long, and it keeps the meter interesting (3-1-3-2 syllable count).

    Since you're sure you want to call her Adalia, put that in the front. No sense burying it in third place. And if Lydia is a requirement... My vote, therefore:

    Adalia Jane Lydia Cotton.

    If youre free to elaborate a bit on Lydia, I would use Lydie (French version) or Liddy, and make it Adalia Lydie Cotton.

    And finally, I would absolutely not pronounce Adalia with a long I-- I'm way too used to pronouncing -ia as ee-ah. (And i might say the A as a long A--like a-DAY-lee-uh). Have you tried different spellings to get your preferred pronunciation? Adelaia?

    My final vote, if changes are allowed, is Adelaia Lydie Cotton-- sounds great.
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    The trouble with using Adalia as a fn is that I'm not sure that people would pronounce it the way you want it pronounced (I've heard both "uh-dail-yuh" or "uh-dahl-yuh"). Your pronunciation "Ad a lie a" sounds more like the boys Hebrew/Biblical name to me. There is also a German girls name Adalia so there are actually two sources - one masculine and one feminine.

    1 Lydia Frances Adalia
    2 Lydia Jane Adalia
    3 Lydia Katherine Adalia
    4 Adalia Lydia Jane
    All the best,

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    We have friends who named their little girl after a great-grandmother -- Leila. Trouble is, the great grandma pronounced her name lee-eye-luh instead of lay-luh. So that's how their little girl's name is pronounced. Yes, they have to correct EVERYONE the first time, but it is worth it to them. If you really want to go with Adalia (a-dah-lye-uh), you can make it work. Here are the combos I think flow best

    1. Adalia Frances Lydia Cotton
    2. Lydia Katherine Adalia Cotton
    3. Adalia Katherine Lydia Cotton
    4. Lydia Frances Adalia
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