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Thread: Rhys?

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    Question Rhys?

    Ok, I have about a month to go, so I need to pick up the pace on this naming business. I have really been crushing on Rhys lately, and I'd love some feedback. I like the sound and the meaning, and the medium popularity level. But what about the gender issue? I know Rhys is the masculine spelling of this name, but when it comes down to it, you usually just hear someone's name. Spelling only comes into play occasionally. So, I added together all three spellings for boys, and compared them to the number of times Reese is used for girls, and it was still used for 900 ish more girls than boys last year. My question is: If you heard this name, would you assume girl or boy? I feel that some names (like this one) work fine for both genders, but it has been slowly gaining popularity for girls. Is it going to sound too girly to people? I know we always talk about how traditional boy names can always be used for boys, but when push comes to shove, I don't want to give my son a name that he will be embarrassed by. Would you use a unisex name for your son? Would you use this name?

    Oh and one more question: Is this spelling going to make pronunciation a life long headache? (I'm in the U.S.) I don't really like the Reece spelling.

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    If I heard the name Rhys without any other information, I would assume it was a boy. Rhys is the spelling I would use for a boy (though I like the other two dominant spellings, too).

    And yes, I would use the name.
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    Go with Rhys for a boy. It is a wonderful name.

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    I think Rhys is a fine name for a boy and it's used often enough for males that it shouldn't be an issue. Personally, I find it too boyish for a girl so it's not girlish to my ears. One actress shouldn't change hundreds of years of practice of using Rhys for boys (Reese Witherspoon is actually a Laura). I would definitely use the authentic Welsh Rhys spelling for a boy and a more traditional boys name in the middle spot. As far as spelling/pronunciation is concerned, it depends on where you live in the US. If you live in an urban area or college town, pronunciation shouldn't be too much of an issue. People in cities tend to be exposed to different cultures and their names. But some names are worth a bit of hassle and I think Rhys is one of them! Everett and Rhys make a "natural" brother duo!
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    Rhys for a boy is the original use and spelling of the name, Reese Witherspoon really caused mayhem for a traditional Welsh name.

    I'd assume any Rhys I met was male but I grew up in Britain so perhaps the US would be different. I love Rhys for a boy.
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