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    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone .

    Ottilie, you are in the
    uk, do you think Lillian is too common there?
    I wouldn't want to change Lillian to another form such as Liliana etc as I prefer its simple elegance and although Lilias is quite funky celtic - I can't get past the 'ass' on the end - sorry , think it comes with studying and teaching language and lit, sound seems to really matter to me (I may also be neurotic, but you draw your own conclusions) = ) x

    edited:Oh and we discussed also the possibility of Gwyneth Lillian Pearl - does this have the same charm do you think?
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    No I don't think so. I've never met a Lillian younger than 30 (and only one younger than 80). There was just above 100 Lillian's born in England & Wales in 2011, ranked at #426. That's hardly anyone at all!
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    Lillian Gwyneth Pearl is so beautiful!

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    So think SO may have decided that Margot is off the table too, he says he doesn't like the way it looks ...

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