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    Now to make the final decision.. this is hard

    We've decided that Cordelia is definitely out of the mix and also that the names Lillian and Gwyneth are too meaningful to us not to include
    so our final 3 are:

    Margot Lillian Gwyneth
    Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth
    Lillian Gwyneth Pearl

    now to decide which ....

    I love all 3 , and want to make sure that this decision is the right one.
    Beatrice I love for it's history - Dante and Shakespeare (I teach Shakespeare =) )but worry about it's trendiness and if it is a 'pretty ' enough name. (silly I know0
    Margot I also love for it's quirkiness and meaning - Pearl is the birthstone of both me and my SO (as well as my mum)
    Lillian I love for it's vintage charm , Lillian Gish and it honours lots of Elizabeth's fn and mn. But I do worry about it's trendiness.

    Any last minute input would be appreciated.

    I'm letting the names sit with me for a week, hopefully I can decide by then , but would like to here some opinions to mull over.

    thanks Berries xx

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