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    What do you think of the name Bimori?

    What do you think of using the name Bimori as a middle name or even as a first name and what name do you think would go well with it as a middle name?

    These are the only ones I havw come up with and I'n wondering if you think they actually sound nice together

    Luna Bimori
    Soona Bimori
    Killa Bimori
    Inda Bimori
    Sisa Bimori

    Bimori - Fog in Tarahumara
    Soona - Moon in Otomi
    Killa - Moon in Quechua
    Inda - Water in Zapotec
    Sisa - Flower in Zapotec
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    What is the origin of Bimori? Is it Hindi or Sanskrit? I know Bimori is a mountain in the Himalayas, right?

    Luna Bimori or Soona Bimora are my preferences from your list. They sound pretty. I would avoid Killa (Killer). Inda is ok but I would be tempted to say India. Sisa reminds me of the word "sister" and she may get teased with "sissy".
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    What I found is that BimorĂ­ is a Tarahumara name meaning "fog", I have tried doing more research on it but can't find anything on it

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