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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Other than simply making it up, I am not sure where certain posters are getting the statistic that the average pregnancy lasts for more than 40 weeks, and that first time mothers can expect even longer pregnancies.
    I will have to look up the sources, but I have heard and read time and time again that the average gestation for first time moms is 41 weeks 1 day. I do respect your information, and I am not trying to argue against it, but this is something that I hear quite often, so I am assuming the other posters echoing this have heard or read it as well.
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    Okay, I have no medical background, nor have I experienced induction, but it does strike me that there'd be a difference between getting induced at 40 weeks one day (which is when Dantea said her induction is scheduled) and getting induced at 41 weeks . . . that is to say, wouldn't the medical reason to be induced at 41 weeks vs. 40w1d be a bit more compelling?

    Also, June 5 is still many days off--she could well come on her own by then.

    In any event, congrats and best of luck to you!

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    Whoops, you're right @hilary! I didn't read dantea's post closely enough because I thought in a prior thread she mentioned her OB' practice was to induce at 41 wks. I do have to agree then-- dantea, I would think carefully about undergoing a so-called "social induction" when it isn't medically indicated. Close birthdays really isn't a great reason to undergo induction.

    @sdsurfmama: the CDC tabulates the average gestational length for US pregnancy, but does not disaggregate based on spontaneous labor or not, nor on nullips versus others. In the US for the last available year, the average gestation for a singleton was 38.7 wks, or 38&5.

    This is probably the best, most useful, most relevant paper. A British retrospective survey of >122,000 singleton births in nullips only which looked only at spontaneous labor. Average GA was 40&0 for white women, 39&0 for black women. (Weighted average for 39&6 for all births).

    A giant Swedish study looked at >400,000 births from the late 1970s to early 1980s, all non-intervened, but did not control for nullips versus others, and got an average GA of 40&1 for all singletons. However, enough has changed in the last 30yrs re: accuracy of dating and women's general health and fitness, not to mention the racial composition of Sweden being quite different from that of the US, that I trust the modern British study more.

    Last &least, in terms of data quality: An epidemiologist I admire has been running a long-standing pregnancy survey and analyzing the data in a fascinating way on her blog. This is unpublishable because it is self-reported and un-verified, and a self-selecting crowd of women, but in >4200 births the average gestational age for a non-induced nullip was 39&5, which went down only slightly for subsequent births.
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    I'll clarify since so many of you are getting onto me for scheduling that one day past my EDD. Right now, my doctor has the babies weight at over 8 pounds. He doesn't feel like it would be wise or safe to continue letting the baby grow past that to avoid complications with my body or hers that could cause unnecessary injury or problems with my blood pressure. I'm a small person, with a small pelvis, etc and as it is, at my last appointment I was almost completely thinned, almost 3 cm dilated, and he said her head is about as far down as it can get to my body is just almost there, she just seems to be needing a push. So, to avoid her getting too large for my body to handle and to give me a chance at a vaginal birth, and so she doesn't have birth complications due to her large birth weight, we opted to induce as soon as we could.

    Aside from that, no I don't want her birthday right there on mine, but that's not the only reason. I want her to be safe, and I want myself to be safe. As it is, my doctor has already said that I still just barely had a shot at getting her out on my own. I'm really not concerned that it will be more pain because to have her out and safe will be worth it. I just want some help in things that have worked for others in managing it.

    If it wasn't for those things, he would have induced at 41 weeks, yes.

    I'll have to look into the hypnobirth thing because I've heard about it and it does seem like it'll be something really nice for me. I already know I can't bring Popsicle or suckers, I asked >.< but I will be allowed to walk around between contractions once everything gets going and to use the shower if I want as long as a nurse or my husband is nearby. I also thought about using the birthing ball or the squat bar but from what I understand, the strain on your knees isn't worth the squat bar so I already requested a birthing chair so I can be as upright and use gravity as much as possible.

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    I'd be interested in an update

    For what it's worth, I am 95 lbs pre=preg, and have had no problems birthing my babies I've also done hypnobirthing and I highly recommend it!

    Good Luck!
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