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    I had an induction and it was not a good experience. I let them talk me into one 4 days past my due date, but my body just wasn't ready. I was in labor for 23 hours and never made it past 4 cm. I ended up having a c-section (which is what I wanted anyway but the hospital doesn't allow "elective c-sections") From my experience, and the experiences of my friends and acquaintances, inductions seem to drastically raise your chances of a c-section. You're starting a natural process that your body just might not be ready for. One day past your due date does seem a little too soon for an induction...

    I'm in no way advocating all natural, pain free, "crunchy" births either. I believe in modern medicine and epidurals, but I honestly feel like my experience could have been avoided if they would of just let me go into labor naturally. And I'm telling you, inductions are not fun. The foley bulb HURTS and is super uncomfortable, the not eating thing is terrible and by the end of it you feel like you're going to faint because you're so weak from hunger, not being able to get up and walk around sucks. Going into labor naturally would of been way less traumatizing, even if it ended up with a c-section.
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    Hey Dantea.
    I'm not a mother, but I just wanted to wish you good luck! You can do it. The pain is temporary, and you'll have a beautiful Persephone at the end. From what I've heard/seen, you get breaks in between contractions, so if you can stay in the moment it'll be easier to manage the intensity. As for the induction, it wouldn't be my choice, but I think there are some compelling reasons not to go too far overdue. It's your body and you should feel confident that you're making a positive decision for your baby. If you feel uncertain about it, you need more information. The replies haven't been too reassuring, so I just wanted to chime in and say that you'll be FINE no matter what. We'll be rooting for you!!

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    You will totally do fine!! Trust in the doctors & hospital staff. Educate yourself by reading up on inductions from legit medical sources. People on message boards can give great advice, but they're limited to speaking only from their experiences & the second hand stories of others. You will do great!!

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    If the only reason you're wanting to be induced at 40+1 weeks is because you don't want the baby's birthday close to yours, I would *STRONGLY* reconsider. That's still less than the average length of time for a FTM to be pregnant, and it's true that labor can be much more difficult with an induction than it is if it comes naturally. Unless there's a medical reason to deliver the baby earlier (large birthweight, high BP, low fluid, etc.), I would try to avoid an induction or at least wait until a week after your due date.
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    Other than simply making it up, I am not sure where certain posters are getting the statistic that the average pregnancy lasts for more than 40 weeks, and that first time mothers can expect even longer pregnancies.

    In a series of several hundred thousand births of singletons where labor began spontaneously (so no planned casaereans, no inductions, and no traumatic events like car crashes) the average onset of labor for a first pregnancy is 39wks 6 days, and for a second+ pregnancy, 39 weeks 5 days.

    I personally think induction at 41 weeks is smart (probably because that is the decision I made, natch ) as the rate of in utero death almost doubles in the 41st week as opposed to the 40th, but you are not considered post-dates until 42 weeks. No obstetrician will feel comfortable managing a pregnancy past 42 weeks because at that point those same in utero death rates really skyrocket, and of course the baby is much more likely to be macrosomic leading to an obstructed labor. This is due to an entirely 'natural' process, placental calcification, that restricts blood flow to the baby.

    I do want to echo Emma and others that you will be fine! If you have any more specific questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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