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    Well, most moms go past 40 weeks. In other counties you aren't "overdue" until after 42weeks! I went to 41 weeks with all three of my births. So, I don't really see the need to schedule an induction just one day past your EDD. If you really do want to have a drug-free birth, doesn't that also include other drugs like pitocin or cytotec? Those will also make your labor much harder to handle, with many women opting for an epidural because of it's intensity. If it were me, I wouldn't schedule an induction until 42 weeks, and give myself some time to let my baby decide to be ready on his/her own.
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    I had a scheduled induction with my first, and a natural, med-free delivery with my second.

    Inductions often take a long time, especially if this is your first. The meds they'll give you will make really strong and powerful contractions, so be prepared with techniques to help you through them. Hopefully you'll go into labor on your own before then! If you're opting for natural, med-free, read up on hypnobirthing. I worked with hypnobirthing techniques, and it made my birthing experience so pleasant! Discover what types of visualizations and mantras will work for you (with each contraction I imagined riding over it like surfing over a wave, and it was VERY effective for me) and start visualizing them now.

    Perhaps you want some kind of nice smelling lotion to take with you to make you feel more relaxed throughout the labor process. Take along music that soothes you.

    Good luck!

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    I was induced due to IUGR and it took a while to get going. We were admitted on the weds and bub arrived Friday morning . Take reading material - seriously, especially if like me you were no where near ready to give birth (I was only 1cm dilated when admitted) .

    Be prepared that induced contractions can be more painful and if it is anything like the hospitals here, you will be monitored every hour or continuously.

    I had no pain relief apart from a wheat pack and rescue remedy (which is great if you can get hold of some)

    My advice would be though to try and get bub moving on your own. Walk lots , and lots and lots (although I walked to the point blisters and it did nothing- I think I'm just an anomaly ) and if you don't feel too much like a tank at this point- , sorry to be forward as I hardly know you but...have sex- so many people I know had sex soon before they went into labour and maybe then you won't have to go through the induction process =)

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    I just had acscheduled induction two weeks ago and was 41 wks along. This was my 3rd baby, the other two came on their own at 39 wks. I found the induction process pretty smooth- they started pitocin, increases te rate every 20 min, continuous monitoring, and ruptured the membranes about 4 hrs in. The pain for me was very tolerable untill they ruptured the membranes: the prostaglandins released with the rupture made the contractions really intense.
    My only advice based on the experience is to eat light food for about 24 hrs before (the cramping can be pretty intense with pitocin). And, try to walk around or even stand as much as you can during induction: pre:membrane rupture this helped distract from the cramping and post- rupture gravity helped move the baby down and speed the dilation of the cervix. I was reluctant to stand/walk at first post-rupture, and in retrospect I wish I had because once I did labor went really fast.

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    I had a pretty sudden scheduled induction. We went in for a non-stress test one day before 41 weeks and because he was so big and my blood pressure was just a little higher than they were comfortable with, they got the hospital to fit me in that night. They wanted my cervix to ripen a little before they started pitocin because I wasn't thinned or dilated at all, and I actually got really lucky and had my water break with that alone. So, I guess I wasn't really induced, but pushed along.

    I ended up having an epidural after trying both to do it naturally and IV medication. (Helpful hint from our birthing class: Sign the consent as soon as you get there, even if you don't want it. She said they can't accept it after giving you other forms of pain relief, and then you're just stuck. I don't know if that's true everywhere, though.) I was actually really happy that I had it. They did it perfectly, so I got to kind of half-nap while I labored down. I just couldn't do it. It was a ridiculous amount of pain, and that was without pitocin. Just know that it isn't the worst thing in the world if you need it.

    Also, ask if you can bring popsicles, it's nice to have something flavored.

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