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    TTC while nursing???

    Hello everyone. DH and I are trying to conceive baby number 3. I am still nursing Vivienne who is 14 months, but only 2-3 times a day? I still haven't gotten my period back yet since I had her in March 2013. I nursed Lilla till she was 22 months and I conceived Vivienne when Lilla was 18 months old, but I got my period back when Lilla was 12 months. I am planning on meeting with my OB-GYN to talk about what's going on but I thought I would see if anyone else has any TTC while nursing experience. Can you even do fertility treatments while nursing or will I have to wait until I wean Vivienne?
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    This is a thread for me I got my period back when my DD was nine weeks old, despite exclusive nursing, ostensibly because she started sleeping through the night. It happened a week later. We started TTC'ing when she was 15 mos old and went six months before my doctor said it wasn't working because I was still nursing. She was almost two and I was nursing twice a day or maybe three times on weekends, at the most (sometimes as little as once a day and three times I went away for work for a whole week). I weaned her at the beginning of September, started ovulating in December, had my last period 19 Feb and conceived that cycle. My doctor said my body was gearing up to ovulate but was not dropping the eggs because of the hormones as a result of nursing. I really feel like I am probably the exception, it seems EVERYONE I know can get pregnant while nursing but it put us a year behind and I'm 35, so it was pretty hard on me. Especially since we conceived the first time within a month. I'm sure everyone I different but because I was having a period and the OPK were showing an LH increase (although not a total surge), I thought we were fine. It all worked out - but that's my story for what it's worth. My doctor told me that no one would start fertility treatments until I stopped nursing but I'm in Canada, private American insurance might be different.

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    We also started ttc while I was still nursing Leo.
    My periods returned when he was 8months old, but I think it was a case of having a period without ovulation as I was still BFing him if he woke in the night. Once we night weaned at around 13months or so I noticed that my cycles were far more regular and closer to my usual pre-pregnancy timeline of about 30 days or so. So I assume that my body actually only started ovulating again once I'd stopped night feeds.
    We conceived when Leo was about 15months old and I was feeding him maybe twice, maximum 3 times during the day.
    We weaned him at 18months old.

    Sorry I can't help with the fertility treatment side of things.
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    I know an Irish twin who was conceived while her mom was exclusively breastfeeding. They're 11 months apart, and their mom also had a miscarriage inbetween.

    So I guess it depends on the individual woman.
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    Breastfeeding is a *very* imperfect, very variable, but effective means if birth control. Absolutely no one will offer any form of fertility treatment to a lactating woman, both because lactation suppresses fertility so that's an entirely treatable cause, and because most medications will be passed through breast milk.

    You will simply have to decide how important baby #3 is in the short-term versus sporadically nursing a child who is already a toddler.
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