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    I can't find any names that I love at all

    My top names were Hugo and Ophelia for such a long time, but I realised that I can't actually see myself using them.. They're just not "me", and I can't imagine saying "this is my son, Hugo" or "this is my daughter, Ophelia" to people. I just don't have a connection with the names. I feel like the only person in the naming community that doesn't have at least one set-in-stone name.. Everyone else's lists seem to stay pretty constant, with only names lower down the list changing; the top names almost always stay the same.

    My friends and I were talking about what we'd name our children at school the other day, and everyone was SO sure of what they'd choose, and I just had no idea. Even with the names I kind of like, I felt ridiculous saying "I'd like to name a son Caspian and a daughter Serafina" {those were the only two I could think of, but they'd probably rank highly on my list right now if I absolutely HAD to make one}. It's not that there's anything wrong with Caspian, Serafina, Hugo, and Ophelia, it's just they're not the names I would like to use, and I just felt silly saying them because I don't think they're "me" at all.

    People always tell me to find names that having "meaning" to me, like from literature or movies or something, but even with those I still can't see myself using the name because I associate it so much with the person/character. I just feel like I can find something really wrong with EVERY name

    Does anyone have any random name suggestions {really, I'm open to anything right now lol} or any ideas on how to find a name I really, really love?
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