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    Help with names :(

    I'm 5 months pregnant with a boy and cannot settle on a name to save my life. Boy names seems to be harder to pick (or I'm way too picky). Here's what i have so far:

    Atticus Gray
    Phoenix Kai
    Milo Gray
    Phoenix Gray
    Milo Phoenix

    I'm trying to stay away from the normal everyday names. Any suggestions?

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    Do you mean you're trying to stay away from traditional names or popular ones? I ask because all of these have recently become very popular in the area where I live, though that might not be the case where you are.

    Of those you have, I prefer Atticus Gray. Phoenix, Milo and Kai aren't my style. However of those combinations I think Phoenix Kai, Milo Gray, or Phoenix Grey work best.

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    I mean traditional names and thank you

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    1 Atticus Gray - I like the look and sound of this combo but Atticus is trendy
    2 Milo Gray - Two names with four letters isn't ideal on the eye but this combo sounds good

    Phoenix and other place names are trendy.

    Names like Atticus - August/Augustus, Cassius, Marcus, Cornelius, Amadeus, Darius, Cyrus, Rufus, Ulysses, Justus, Linus, Vitus

    Names like Milo - Hugo, Viggo, Arlo, Theo, Nico, Rio, Leo, Otto, Cato, Philo, Rollo, Roscoe, Horatio, Tycho, Matteo, Diego

    Names like Phoenix - Gryphon/Griffin, Zephyr, Calix, Felix, Rex, Orion,Caspian, Lennox, Onyx, Mannix, Apollo,
    All the best,

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    I like Milo Gray and Milo Phoenix best. I can't quite get on board with Phoenix as a first name. I like Kai as a first name though.

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