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Thread: just playing :)

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    just playing :)

    hi, since becoming pregnant I have become obsessed with names and combos.

    A favourite twin combo of mine is Fox and Flora, but I'm not sure if I am liking both the names staring with F...

    I was thinking that perhaps there is a name not starting with F that Flora could be a nickname for but I have come up with nothing so I am turning to you, any ideas?
    I also really like Felix as a full name for Fox, what do you think?

    BTW I am not pregnant with twins 'just playing' as the title says...


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    I like Flora and Fox and Flora and Felix as twins.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    thanks, you don't think the double F matters?

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    As long as they're not something like Philip and Philippa or Charles and Charlotte, you're probably fine Flora and Felix/Fox are great names
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    I wouldn't worry about the double F, the names are so different that it doesn't matter that they start with the same letter. Flora and Felix might be a bit close because of the F plus the l, but if he goes by Fox, it's fine,
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