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Thread: Vintage M names

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    Thanks for all the input! Yes, to those who said they're all probably more popular on Nameberry than generally, that's probably more accurate when I say "trendy"! Because isn't Nameberry a few years ahead of the naming styles? I'm wondering if any of these will turn out to be Ava in 10 years--so fun and different when you first hear it, and then it really catches on.
    Amongst my circle of friends and acquaintances IRL, I have only heard of one little girl named Margot in the last 5 years, and none of the others.

    I think my personal favs at this point are Matilda Irene, Matilda Elise, or Magnolia Irene. DH is more sold on Magnolia Irene. We have Southern connections, though we're not dyed-in-the-blood Southerners. But I like Matilda for the German-ness. I think I'm drawn to Margaret mostly as a "safer," more classic alternative in case Matilda and Magnolia are too funky...or are about to become a lot more popular? Plus, Margaret still has the cute nns of Maggie, Maisie or Margo...DH has not been excited about Margaret yet, though.

    I like the Margaret Inge suggestion! Both are family names. But Irene is my mom's name, and I'm really keen on using it for our first girl. Deborah is the MIL, who I love and also want to honor, but her name is not as cooperative as a mn!

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    I adore vintage! Of your M names I like Margaret and Margot! I think Maggie and Margie are the cutest nn's too! From your others I love Josephine, Winnifred & Anneliese. I think Margaret and Josephine would make a perfect sibset. Your mn's are all cute but I like Elise the best!

    Some others might be

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    Matilda Irene is terrific! Love your name style!
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    I really like Matilda Irene and Margot Elise!

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    Oooh, how about Maude? Maude Irene or Maude Elise would sound lovely. I also adore Margot Deborah. Maybe Marguerite, as well?
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