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    What Do You Think Of This Long Name?

    Last night my husband and I were talking about one of the names on our list... Liam. The middle name we chose was Parker (I wanted something that sort if sounded vaguley old west as his middle name). Parker is actually my mother in laws maiden name, and a name my mom and dad always wanted to use if thy ever had a boy. My dad passed away a few years ago and never had any other children. Then we thought, what if we could include meaning from all sides of the family? Liam Parker Ignatius Keoni. Liam is just a name we both love. Parker for both my mother in law and my parents. Ignatius was my husbands great grandfather. it is a tradition on my mothers side to use a Hawaiian middle name. Therefor Keoni, which translates to John, which was my dads name.

    I know that Liam Parker Ignatius Keoni is a VERY long name. We would otherwise only have Liam Parker Keoni. But adding that extra name gives his full name meaning from all around! What do you think?

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    I think the name itself is a nice name and it sounds nice too! But 5 names is a lot of names to write down on a form. You know those ones where they want you name, mn and last name? Imagine having 5 names to write down. How about just Liam Parker Keoni (or Liam Keoni Parker - which I think sounds a bit better) and save Ignatius for if you have another boy? You wouldn't want one sons name full of meaning, and the other not to have any special family names. Good luck!
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    I think it's perfectly fine to have so many middle name, It's not like he's going to introduce himself with all the names to everyone he meets, so the middles will be special to your family and whoever he decides to tell. I think it's great that you've found a name with so much personal meaning and I say go for it!

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    You can give your child as many names as you want and I appreciate all of the special meanings of each one. The only issue: I don't know if they will all fit on the official forms that we have to fill out throughout our lifetime.Some forms only allow one middle name choice.
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    Liam Parker Ignatius is a combo I've never seen before so it does intrigue me! However, middle names aren't heard or used very often so Liam alone doesn't do anything for me because I see it all the time.

    On the other hand, if it's the name you love then go for it!
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