View Poll Results: Ezra, Asa, Arlo, Rex, Kit or Cassius???

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  • Ezra

    18 31.58%
  • Asa

    11 19.30%
  • Arlo

    10 17.54%
  • Rex

    3 5.26%
  • Kit

    1 1.75%
  • Cassius

    14 24.56%
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    Ezra, Asa, Arlo, Rex, Kit or Cassius??? Help!

    So I need help deciding on a boys name. If it is a girl it will more than likely be Phoebe, Beatrix or Clementine. To go with our son Eli! Thanks in advance!

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    I like Eli and Arlo! Arlo is so sweet, a great pair! (Eli is my favourite boys name ever!!!) And Phoebe and Clementine are really sweet and go well with Eli. Not a fan of Beatrix, but Eli and Bea is a pretty cute sibset.
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    1 Eli and Cassius - if you don't want to get stuck in a Biblical pattern, the old Latin name of Cassius would be a great choice!

    2 Eli and Asa - If you don't mind a Biblical theme...I always liked these two Biblical names together - they're both three letters but sound completely different.

    3 Eli and Arlo - If you wanta more country/folksy vibe, Arlo is the way to go!
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    I voted for Ezra, although now that I think about it it could be a bit matchy with Eli. I would have voted for Asa but I know a lot of people have problems with the name being mispronounced as ass-a. Arlo is really cute, now that I think about it, and fits well with Eli. I think Rex, Kit and Cassius aren't the same style as Eli; Rex is too informal, Cassius too formal, and Kit to me will always be a girls name (blame the American girl Kit, she was my favorite). Eli is one of my favorite boy names, btw, and I love your girl names as well

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    I like Arlo, Kit and Cassius and think they all work really well with both Eli and your girls names (all of which I adore!) I voted Arlo to be perfectly honest because it was first on the list out of the ones I liked and I impulsively clicked it.

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