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    Mostly very common choices... I like Leon and Silas, and highly dislike Tyde (I wouldn't use it unless there's a special meaning... it's too similar to the laundry detergent). I also dislike Harry, as it's a nn... it needs a proper name like Harold or Harrison.

    Suggestions: Ewan, Declan, Callum, Lachlan, Tucker, Porter, Cyrus, Darius, Quentin, Marcus, Miles, Orion, Asher, Alec, Anders, Lewis, Lawrence, Tate, Tiernan, Keaton, Kenyon, Kian, Kenton, Byron, Hudson, Heath, Roman, Ross, Reid, Rhys, Sterling, Simon, Seth, Ian, Jude, Jonas, Julian, Everett, Elias, Caspian, Lance, Grant, Graham, Damien, Dante, Forrest, Jarrett, Kirk, Kent, Conley, Conrad, Corbin, Ephraim, Garrison, Griffith, Malachi, Micah, Philip, Piers, Preston, Stanton, Theodore, Thomas, Wendall, Wesley, Weston, Easton, Oskar, Ethan, Bennett, Xavier
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