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Thread: Is it just me?

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    Unhappy Is it just me?

    So I really like Elena (prn. Eh-LAY-Nah) but I live in Australia and in the town I live everyone pronounces things phonetically so it would be mispronounced as Eh-LEE-NAH. I know this name is quite common in the United States. I am also guessing that based on its use on television eg. Vampire Diaries, people pronounce it instinctually and using the Spanish pronunciation, but where I live most of the residence are elderly. I just wondered how many time a little girl would have to correct people on her name. I knew an Alaina whom I am not really fond of, so that rules out that spelling; but really it seems a bit trendy anyway. So then it got me thinking, would using a grave accent over the second E work or is it pointless? I'm starting to think that if I ever use it, it'll be as a middle name. What do you think, Berries?
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    Although the grave accent might help some people (who recognize what it means) I don't think it will make much of a difference. Its a lovely name though, and I think once you correct people they will get it right.
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    If you're worried about Elena not being pronounced the way you want, there's always Elaina.

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    Aussie as well, i first saw this name as a character in a book and pronounced it phonetically but once i knew the correct pronunciation it was easy to remember, as long as ppl hear hows it pronounced its no drama..

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    The Spanish pronunciation is not quite eh-lay-nah. There was a post not too long ago about it. This is the Spanish pronunciation of Elena :

    However, most English speakers default to Eh-lay-nah. If thats not what Elena would get you in Australia, I would use Elaina.
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