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    Names Update. - Shortish list

    Heidi Bianca - He wants H first name with a B middle name. - Only one he likes.
    Mollie Angharad
    Chantel Faye
    Sydney Roxanna Mai - My boyfriend likes this one.
    Sinead Roxanna Mai - I prefer this one.
    MacKynzie Leigh Skye
    Lucinda Skye
    Lucinda Ivy Jade
    Abigail May
    Courtney Leigh
    Kianna Paris/Kianna Dream Jade
    Rosalie Irelyn May - My boyfriend prefer this spelling of Ireland.
    Kadi Shyanne or Shyanne Kadi
    Gabriella Azalea Harper/Daisey Azalea Rose
    Kyra Acacia Jane/Kaliyah Acacia Jane
    Thalia Evelyn-Rose
    Lucie Gabriella/Gabriella Nicole
    Lorelei Piper
    Lorelei Acelinn
    Cerys Emily May
    Liliana Marie
    Felicity Evelyn/Felicity India Rose/Felicty Daisey-Rose/Felicity Constance Nancy. - NN Lissy/Fliss.
    Irelyn Ciara/Irelyn Sinaed Rose
    Emily Adelaide/Emily April Starr/Emily Stella/Emily Angel-Rose/Emily Hannah. - NN Milly.
    Stella Edna May/Stella Joanna May/Stella Hannah/Stella Adelaide.
    Evelyn Savannah/Evelyn Rose/Emily Evelyn Kate/Evelyn April Star/April Starr Evelyn.
    Deanna Angel Lynn - NN Dee or Anna.
    MacKynzie Ariana
    Demi-Leigh Michelle
    Alayna 'Laynie' Katelyn Anne

    Sibling Amy-Louise (LuLu) Surname begins with K ends in ER.
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    p.s. I'm Welsh and my boyfriend is Irish and we live in England.

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    sunshine kid Guest
    Is there a particular reason why he wants a H first, and B middle name?

    I quite like Rosalie, Heidi and Stella with Amy-Louise.

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    He likes a wrestler who's ring name is H.B.K and he's always wanted a kid with these initals.

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    I like Heidi Bianca.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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