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    Thank you Berries!

    Angus Theodore arrived a little over 2 weeks ago. Imogen is thrilled with her baby brother and I am thrilled we were able to finally decide on a name for him! I know Angus isn't a common choice in the US, but it's in the top 100 where we live - which made it the most popular choice on our shortlist of names - but in the end it was the only one that felt like the right fit and now I can't imagine him being called anything else.

    Thanks so much Berries for all your help. This was definitely our most difficult naming journey and as much as I wanted to decide in advance, I'm pleased I took the advice of so many of you to wait until we met him.

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    I love the name of Angus. Congratulations on your baby boy!

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    Congratulations! Imogen and Angus are super cute together.

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    Congratulations! Angus is adorable.
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    Congrats! I quite love the name Angus!
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