View Poll Results: Which set do you prefer for twin boys?

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  • Sam & Ben (Samuel Christopher & Benjamin Emmert)

    23 36.51%
  • Felix & Leo (Felix Christopher & Leo Emmert)

    40 63.49%
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Thread: Which set?

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    Thanks for the feeback! Sam & Ben are old time favorites of mine, but Felix and Leo are relatively new loves. I think my husband prefers Felix and Leo and I feel that they are perfectly matched. They have the L in common but don't start with the same letter or rhyme or any other "twin" thing, you know. Also, they are both old Latin names with similar popularity patterns over the last 120 years and they mean "Happy" and "Lion" which I think are both great meanings. While there has been a cartoon cat, I don't think this generation will even be aware of that, and Felix does not mean cat. Sam and Ben are great classics, but both inside the top 25 in popularity, which does make them seem "common" and a little boring which turns me off a little. Also, they would have sisters Ruby and Lucy which seem a little too spunky and fun for brothers Sam and Ben, so overall I'm feeling like Felix and Leo are the best fits, although I still have a hard time imagining having a boy at all after two girls, but I want to be prepared. We should know the sex of the babies by the end of July.

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    My vote was for Felix and Leo. It sounds more edgy and unique.
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    Sam and Ben sound perfect as brothers.

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    I voted for Felix and Leo (I actually like that they both have cat associations, and I agree that the cartoon cat is old enough now that their classmates would never make the connection.)

    I love Sam (which I feel goes well with Ruby and Lucy) but I am not a fan of Ben at all. I would maybe vote for Sam if it was paired with a different name.

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