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Thread: The Wrong Name?

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    The Wrong Name?

    I am a teacher in an infant classroom, and we have a new baby (3 months old) who just joined our room. His name is Ace (well, his nickname is Ace, but I won't post his first name because it is very unique) but to me, it just doesn't fit him! His parents always call him Ace (as far as we can tell). For some reason, I find myself wanting to call him Jeremy! I have no idea why; it just seems like it should be his name. Has this happened to anyone else before? Have you ever wanted to re-name a child who you didn't think their name fit them? I just thought it would be interesting to hear some stories from other people.
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    Definitely. I was looking at my friends new born once and just kept thinking "Are they sure they got the name right? You don't seem like a So-and-so to me. You should be a _______". However, now, I can't imagine that kid with a different name. Not all babies fit their names, esp if it's something you inherently have an association with and the kid doesn't fit that.
    For example if you think Marie's should be blond and you meet a baby Marie with a black mop of hair it might not seem to fit and you might want to name that baby Bianca instead but you'd be surprised how your impressions can change.
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    Thanks for your reply! I'm sure I'll get used to his name and stop wanting to call him Jeremy! This actually happened to me last year with a brand new co-worker, too. Her name is Valerie, but when she first started, I always wanted to call her Angela. She just looked like an Angela to me. It was the first time that ever happened to me, and I was always so embarrassed about it then, but we laugh about it now.
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    Yeah, I've tried it before in my class! As one teen in a big class of 42 with several names being on two or three girls, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes and you want them to get another name! I've got a Cecilie, I want to name Sabrina. Then I have a Louise I want to be named Pernille. It's really crazy xD
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    That's interesting! I think this occasionally about adults I meet, but never kids.

    I have unflattering association with the name Megan. I had met my brother's girl friend once or twice, but she just didn't look like a Megan to me. I made some dumb comment about how I had yet to meet a Megan I liked right in front of her... Well I eventually pulled my foot from my mouth, but you know what, once I got to know her, I didn't really care for her one bit! Since then I've finally met a Megan I love!
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