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    Sister for Samuel

    DH and I have a son named Samuel Elliot and we're stuck on a name for his sister. We've thought of Emily, Paisley, Mackenzie and a lot of others but just can't find "the one". We'd like to use either Elizabeth or June for the middle name, preferably June. Emily is our favorite name but it doesn't go with June or Elizabeth. Any and all suggestions are welcome. We need help!

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    Both Emily Elizabeth and Emily June sounds pretty to me- I think they both work well.
    Would you consider a double middle name? (if you are not too keen on alliterations)

    Emily June Elizabeth is lovely!!

    Emily, June and Elizabeth are feminine and classic names, and Paisley and MacKenzie as trendy- unisex surname-type names. They are both cute, but not my style. I used to like the name Paisley until I did a google image search of the pattern. In my opinion, the print is absolutely hideous and it ruined the name for me.

    p.s I have a friend with 3 children, Samuel, Emily & Nora. Perhaps you have similar taste and like Nora?

    Good luck!
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    What about Ellery? I know it's a little out there, but it reminds me of Emily & also Hillary/Mallory. I've only known one Ellery (but she spelled it Ellory i think), and I've liked it ever since. You could also spell it Eleri, which is a welsh name but pronounced the same. You could get the nn Elly and Ella from it, but I think it's pretty on it's own. Ellory June or Ellery June has a nice ring to it.

    Some less out-there ideas I can think of are Ella and Amelia. They are both pretty names. I agree with the person above me that Emily June does sound pretty. I don't see how Emily June doesn't go together, and if Emily's your favorite I think you should use it.

    Mackenzie is also nice, and sounds cute with June as a MN. I also like Micaela/McKayla and that works with June too.

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    I agree with the pp's that Emily Elizabeth and Emily June are bot lovely names. I also like Elizabeth June.

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    Samuel Elliot is stunning!

    I think Emily Elizabeth, Elizabeth June, and Emily June are lovely!
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