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    Help us come up with a Sibling Set

    So, we are expecting our first child right now! Don't know gender, and will likely choose not to find out. So, we at least need one good name for each gender.

    However, this has flared up my nascent love of names (I read Beyond Jennifer and Jason when I was 15...) and I know we don't want to get ourselves stuck in a corner with future siblings. At this point, we're open to having at least 3, so we need at least a 3 girls and 3 boys names that don't clash horribly.

    Naming Philosophy/Background: I adore family names. I think the ideal is to be named after a great-grandparent or great-aunt/uncle or a grandparent who has died, where there's connection and history, but it's not close enough for confusion and Jr-ing. (I am named for an aunt who is geographically distant, and have always loved it, even though my name, Lois, is considered old-fashioned in my generation and "so far out it's never coming back".) All our parents are alive. Sadly, our pool of great-grandparent names is not promising. On my side, they are all too German: Heinz, Wolfgang, Frieda, Brigitte (bri-GEET-ah). On DH side they are either too boring or too odd: Dorcas, Violet*, John, Paul. So, instead, using more immediate family names as middle names seems the happy medium. Therefore, the middle names options are chosen more for the people than for the name itself--though we like the names well enough.

    *I actually love Violet. But we have a V last name, and the double V initials just are too harsh looking/sounding to me.

    -The first names are primarily names we just like and can agree on. There are a few extended relatives, ancestors and friends mixed in, as much for the name as the person, but they're up for negotiation, so I won't tell you which.

    -We tend more towards old-fashioned, traditional, Biblical, longer names that can have shorter nns. Some of them are trendy and popular right now (Elijah, Isaiah), which I don't love, but we like the names enough to possibly overlook that. But do tell me if one of these is going to be the next Madison or Emma.

    -DH is a bit more conservative than me, and has nixed a few of my favorites, like Edna and Agnes! (Maybe I wouldn't have had the guts for them anyway.)

    -No first initial repetition. So even though we have a lot of M and E names, only one of each in the end. And no rhyming if possible. (We won't do Elijah, Obadiah, Jedidiah, AND Isaiah together.)

    -We have a 3-syllable last name starting with Van.

    Boys First Names

    Boys Middle Names

    Girls First Names
    Matilda (Tilda, Tillie)
    Josephine (Jo, Josie)
    Mabel (May)
    Margaret (Maisie, Maggie)

    Girls Middle Names

    **Surprisingly, DH loves this as much as I do, but we're not sure we're Southern enough to get away with it. It's prob our current name girl name, though

    Okay, if this isn't too in-depth and ridiculous....any help with first & middle combos and siblings groups is welcome. First names are very open to criticism or alternative suggestions, middle names not so much, mostly interested in which combos sound best.

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    I think I did make this too involved for anyone to bite!

    Here's my current favorite combo

    Magnolia Irene, Elijah Bruce, Reuben Daniel, Naomi Deborah, Josephine Elise, Abraham Jacob

    Thoughts? Substitions? Alternatives? Would you switch any of the mns?
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    These are probably my favourites.
    Reuben Daniel
    Nathaniel Emerson/John
    Thaddeus Bruce
    Magnolia Irene
    Elizabeth Danielle
    Matilda Elyse

    Some others variants I personally adore!
    Reuben Cain (I think this is my personal favorite!)
    Irene Elizabeth
    Bruce Nathaniel
    Danielle Winnifred
    John Elijah
    Elyse Magnolia.
    Stepmother to
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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    I love the way you think! I have all the same preferences in names and a lot of my fav names you have listed.

    Sibling Group
    Nathaniel Bruce "Nate" initials NBV
    Abraham Daniel "Bram" initials ADV
    Emerson John initials EJV
    Magnolia Irene "Maggie" initials MIV
    Winifred Elyse "Winnie" initials WEV
    Josephine Inge "Josie" initials JIV

    Other combinations I like but didn't use because of repeating initials or sounds:
    Matilda Elyse "Tilly"
    Ezekiel Bruce "Zeke"
    Margaret Danielle "Maisie"
    Ezra Emerson
    Elizabeth Inge

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    I love a lot of your names! Their different but familiar and not popular.

    Sibling Boys:
    Reuben Daniel
    Thaddeus John
    Nathaniel Jacob

    Sibling Girls:
    Josephine Elyse/Elise
    Mabel Danielle
    Elizabeth Irene

    2 Boys 1 Girl:
    Reuben Daniel
    Thaddeus John
    Josephine Elyse/Elise

    2 Girls 1 Boy:
    Josephine Elyse/Elise
    Mabel Danielle
    Thaddeus John

    Personally I like Magnolia with Jospehine and Mabel rather than Elizabeth but you said no first initial repititon. I also LOVE Thaddeus. I had never heard of it until now

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