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    While my favorite book is called "Once Upon a Marigold" so I've always wanted to like the name, I just can't get into it. I love Magnolia though, especially for the nickname potential - Noa, Nola, Nollie, and Lia are my faves.
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    I prefer Marigold for the same reason as a previous poster - it feels lighter and happier and Magnolia feels heavier.

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    I find Magnolia more useable in real life and it is my top choice for a future girl.
    Marigold is my number one GP name, but I don't really see it wearable in real life. Magnolia Pearl or Magnolia Eve are my favorite combos.
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    I love Magnolia! I like the nicknames Maggie and Nola/Nolie. I also LOVE Magnolia flowers, so that probably has something to do with my love for it. Magnolia Jane has some cute classic southern sound to it.

    I think the "gold" part of Marigold bothers be a bit. Like its trying too hard? Or it would be hard to live up to? Haha, who knows!
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