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    Wdyt you think of these baby boy names?

    My husband and i are expecting our another baby boy we couldn't be more excited! We already have two sons Tyler Jameson & Easton Alexander so e need a name that goes with those two names.

    Names we do like...
    Ivan Dominic
    Sawyer Nathaniel
    Gideon Scott
    Emerson Jude
    Declan Rhys
    Callum Scott
    Ezra Scott
    Asher Scott
    Kellan Rhys
    Lachlan Scott

    Ratings/thoughts on these names would
    be great! Feel free to mix and match the
    middle names or suggest other ones..
    Also which name do you think would go best with siblings Tyler & Easton?

    *Btw Tyler was our foster son first but
    we've recently adopted him! So my
    husband and i are wondering if using
    another E name would make Tyler feel left


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    I really like Asher Scott as a third to your sibset.

    Congrats on your baby and on your adoption! What a blessing!!
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    Callum, Declan, and Asher are my favorites with brothers Tyler and Easton.

    I like Callum Nathaniel, Declan Rhys, and Asher Dominic for the full name.

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    Callum would definitely get my vote.
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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    Ivan Dominic, Gideon Scott, Ezra Scott - I think these 3 first names are slighltly older names. If they was middle names they would be ok with Tyler and Easton.
    Emerson Jude - This one is cute but personally it's kinda close to Jameson and Easton.
    Declan Rhys, Callum Scott, Asher Scott, Sawyer Nathaniel - These would be best with the sib set.
    Kellan Rhys, Lachlan Scott - These are cute with Tyler and Easton also but above I think are best.

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